Monday, April 30, 2007

Regarding Tenet

The latest commentary by George Tenet is coming out and provoking all kinds of response. I agree pretty much with mcjoan at Kos on this. What Tenet has to say fits in to what I already believe, but he has no credibility. If he had wanted to be taken seriously he should have spoken out in 2003 or 2204 to change our politics then. At least in 2005-2006 he would have provided useful input. Now he is just covering for himself, so who can take him at face value.

One great thing I heard this morning on the Young Turks are Air America. Given George Tenet's complaint that he is surprised, shocked and hurt that Dick Cheney threw him under the bus as we say. Cenk Uygur had a great comment. George Tenet was supposed to be the head of our Central Intelligence Agency, the man ultimately responsible for gathering and analyzing information and drawing conclusions from it. And he was surprised that Dick Cheney would throw him under the bus. Three quarters of the entire world has known for decades that Dick Cheney would throw his grandmother under a bus to avoid getting into trouble himself. Sigh.



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