Saturday, May 05, 2007

Another World

Conservatives really are drifting off into another world. It appears now that a portion of the conservative world believes that Youtube is biased against them so they've gone and created a conservative centric version called Qubetv. This follows closely on the heels of Conservapedia, discussed here, the conservative movement really is trying to mark out an alternative reality. We now have three of the Republican candidates for President coming out solidly against the science of evolution as well.

Look, reality is just not that good a fit to conservative ideology. Existent species are linked by ties of common ancestry. Iraq is not flowering as a western democracy, science does work, oversight and critical review are necessary for good government, and the people of a nation ought to be soverign over their government not vice versa. When confronted by a reality that does not fit with ones ideology, change the ideology. Trying to create an alternative reality will not work.



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