Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Now Syria is OK

So now it would seem that perhaps talking to the Syrians is OK? It seems that Condoleezza Rice may be meeting with the Syrian foreign minister in Egypt later this week. Now in all fairness the meeting is not confirmed at this point, yet when asked about it she said that she "wouldn't rule it out." So, apparently talking to the Syrians isn't quite the horror we were lead to believe just a few weeks ago. Or perhaps Speaker Pelosi opened an important door for us. I wouldn't be surprised if that were the case.

But humor and irony aside, this could be an important development. Never underestimate the power of this Administration to mess things up, but talking to Iraq's neighbors is vital to US interests. Lots of the people so solidly opposed to the war now, especially those who were supportive or unsure at its start, have long argued for the need for less US involvement and more international involvement. Had the effort to stabilize Iraq since 2003 been more international, it would have been perceived less as an occupation, and thus would have had a better chance for success. The need for international involvement has only grown as the ability of the US to control the situation has diminished. It is good to see the Bush Administration taking some small steps in the right direction. It will make things easier for their successors at least.

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