Friday, May 04, 2007

Democrats are Holding Firm

The AP reports that Democrats are holding tough on the Iraq funding.
Bush and Congress have been discussing a possible compromise on a war spending bill needed to finance combat operations through September. The president demands the money without strings attached and so far has found strong Republican support. But Democrats say Bush eventually will have to accept some conditions on the U.S. commitment in Iraq because of the war's unpopularity among voters.
So earlier rumors that Democrats were going to cave were premature. That is good. The Democrats need to hang tough, they are on the right side of this issue and the country needs resolution to this war. It appears that the Democrats are leaning toward a short term funding bill, perhaps with limited restrictions on the President. I believe that is an excellent tactic and has a great chance of success.

Republicans will try their best to portray this issue as one of Democratic intransigence.
Congressional Democrats have signaled they're not ready to back down in their confrontation with President Bush on Iraq, spurring Republicans to accuse them of causing political gridlock.
However, the fact is that the Democrats are providing funding for our troops, the President is refusing to spend the money provided. That is how the matter stands. It is clear too from much of the commentary on this issue that the Democrats are expected to back down first. I can only conclude that it is widely believed that Republicans have so little regard for our troops welfare that they will never give up their perceived political objectives in order to support our men and women in uniform and in harm's way. Indeed it is far more reasonable to expect that the Democrats in Congress will deviate from their political objectives out of concern for and sympathy for our men and women in the field. They will do so far sooner than Republicans ever will. However, the Democrats in Congress and in particular their leadership do understand that the ultimate welfare of our troops depends upon getting funding with the appropriate controls on our reckless President. With that kept in mind, the Democrats will get a bill through that supports our armed forces and brings this war to a close.

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