Wednesday, May 09, 2007

King George

So now George Bush is saying he will veto the latest measure that House Democrats are proposing for Iraq war funding.
House Democratic leaders are now putting together a proposal that would pay for the war through September but come with a different set of conditions: About half of the money would be dependent on Bush reporting to Congress this summer on the Iraqi government's progress toward meeting security goals.
Even this degree of oversight and accountability is too much for this President.
President Bush would veto the new Iraq spending bill being developed by House Democrats because it includes unacceptable language restricting funding, White House press secretary Tony Snow said Wednesday morning.
Apparently any restrictions whatsoever on George Bush spending will draw a veto. Keep in mind that he is threatening to leave our troops without support in the field (it is questionable how true this is, but that is his claim) unless he gets everything he wants. Furthermore, this latest proposal would not, in any way, hamper the ability of our military to function. No, this President is simply being petulant and insisting that he get his way. More significantly, he is indicating that he can't function if there is going to be any review of his work. This is simply intolerable. The American people are sovereign and have every right to hold their President accountable for his performance as commander-in-chief. We must do exactly that. Pressure needs to be brought upon our Republican members of Congress to no longer support the childishness of this President.

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