Sunday, September 07, 2008

Obama's Experience

Check out this diary listing Obama's experience. We need to have these facts on hand to counter the false charges that he lacks experience. Particularly the patently false charges that he has authored no bills (see Ethics Reform) or has no foreign policy experience (Member of the Foreign Relations Committee).

There is another thing, however, related to Obama's 'experience' as opposed to another candidate on the current tickets, something that is being missed. Obama's level of 'experience' was, yes, a question mark when he announced his campaign back in Springfield. And certainly, while I agree with the diary that Obama's level of 'experience' comfortably exceeds that of Palin's, that debate doesn't seem to me to be a good one to get into. Rather, while Obama is no 'old hand', he is a new face in politics, he has done the leg work for the past year to be a candidate for President. He has organized, run and lead a national campaign, he has had news conferences, interviews with Journalists both national and local, both hostile and friendly, he has given talks, and speeches to audiences of all sizes, he has pressed the flesh and addressed issues in States throughout the Union. In short he has gone through a grueling interview process and come out looking quite good.

Indeed, three of the candidates on the two national tickets have gone through such a national interview process, in one form or another, to get to the point where the nation needs to choose between the tickets. One candidate stands out for having never undergone any such national inspection. That is the problem with the Republican ticket so far. That is why the choice of Sarah Palin for VP calls into question John McCain's fitness for office, his judgement. The American People deserve to have leaders who have given evidence to the American People that these leaders are fit for these offices. Leaders who have been inspected, and checked-out by the
American People before they take on their responsibilities.

So, please be aware of the many accomplishments of Barack Obama, and be prepared to point them out in debate, but also point out that he has done the hard work of campaigning, has put himself up for inspection by the American People and has passed.

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