Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Fighting Dems

This is great, it's something I've been wondering about for a while now, but I haven't' had the time to do the research. Majority Report producer John Orton, at Air America Radio, has put together a site called Fighting Dems which lists current Iraq war vets running for office as Democrats.

I've heard of several of these men and women who have come back after tours of duty to run for office, and it seems always as Democrats. Paul Hackett being the most famous so far, but several names have come up. Two points strike me. It is very good to see improved relations between the Democratic party and our military. The decades long impression that the Democrats don't care about our military and military personnel is a slander on the Democratic party and a gross disservice to the military. But it is also noteworthy that given the supposed stark Republican bias in the military that the folks coming back seem disproportionately to be running as Democrats. I think the reason is that the supposed Republican bias has been somewhat overstated and that the effects of service in Iraq, and the actual performance of this Administration on military matters, has caused some serious rethinking of the idea that Republicans are better for the military. We shall see and the linked web site will be a great resource for monitoring this.

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