Sunday, January 18, 2009

Obama and Investigations

Much of the left blogisphere is abuzz with questions on how the Obama administration will be dealing with the criminal activities of the Bush administration and whether, or not, there will be investigations. The latest from Matt Yglesias, for example, is here. The general consensus, based on Obama's comments, seems to be that he is tyring to avoid any such investigations to keep from upsetting the political climate. I am not so sure.

Keep in mind that he is frequently discussing his admiration for, and desire to emulate, Lincoln. When Lincoln came into office he was not remotely voicing the fire breathers determination to take action against the Southern Radicals, nor evan after secession to attack them directly. However, it is equally clear that when pressed, he was hardly one to let attacks on the Constitution go by unopposed.

I expect Obama to take a similar course. He will come into Washington, as he is, not promissing to cleanse the Captial of wrong doing, or to take a vengefull tact against past wrongdoing. However, there is plenty of indication that investigations will be coming. Investigations lead, I'm quite glad to say, by Congress. I fully expect Obama to pursue the results of those investigations as vigorously as Lincoln pursued rebellion. He doesn't intend to take on the attack, but will pursue those who do. Contrary to the insistance of the right wing, this is by far and away the better course for the US Government.

I cannot say for sure that this is what will transpire. Perhaps Obama will turn out to be too soft on past abuses. But it is certainly not clear, or even likely, at this point, that that will be so.

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